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The fitness world is cluttered with hyped up programs, diet pills, “amazing” supplements and quick fix gimmicks. Unfortunately there is no magic pill to a better body. If there was, everyone would be sexy! Having the body you’ve always wanted is simple, but not easy. It takes HARD work to become a CHAMPION (having the…… More

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Some children are born athletes and just naturally perform better at physical activities than their peers. Others take a little bit longer to develop, but ultimately become amazing sports stars. As a child it’s important to have a balance in your life (school work, sport, family, etc), but his is not always possible. The pressure…… More

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After successfully coaching thousands of children across South Africa, Sportcon created Sportcon Youth which is a youth fitness training system for children aged 6 – 18. Sportcon Youth has a variety of development levels that teach participants the fundamentals of movement. Without correct movement patterns a child won’t develop to his true potential. This is…… More

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